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Welcome to the Harvey County Kansas Government Information System!
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Below describes what you will find behind each tab located above.

Ready-to-Print Maps - Ready-to-Print Maps implement existing GIS data in a series of map templates downloadable in PDF format. Ready-to-Print Maps provide a quick and easy way to access the County's most-requested maps.

Parcel Mapping - Parcel Mapping offers an interactive mapping environment utilizing ESRIís ArcGIS Server technology. The map incorporates robust search functions and a wide array of printing formats. Each parcel on the map is directly linked to KSCAMA via Parcel Search, as well as Tax Search.

Flood Maps - A digital mapping application derived from Flood Insurance Rate Map (D-FIRM) data provided to Harvey County by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). Each parcel on the map is directly linked to KSCAMA via Parcel Search, as well as Tax Search.

Parcel Search - Provides constituents with the capability to search County real estate information and display approximately 90% of the CAMA data available. Search results interactively link with the Parcel Mapping, Flood Maps, and Tax Search modules. There are two search levels available. Level One is the Public Search which displays limited information. Level Two displays county appraisal documents such as Property Record Cards and Comparable Sales. Level two also requires secure access, is for certified appraisers, and has a user fee. If you would like to become a registered user or would like additional information, please contact Harvey Countyís Appraiserís Office.

Tax Search - Search for and display the current and previous year's Tax information. Records can then be cross-referenced using Parcel Search, or mapped via the Parcel Mapping and/or Flood Maps Applications.

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